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Spillage of unknown chemical on National highway

26 March 2021: The SACEM members during their pollution patrol in the SIPCOT Cuddalore industrial area have observed spillage of unknown white semi-liquid chemical on the East Coast Road, NH 45A. They report that the spillage trail has started particularly from the gateway of the Clariant chemicals industry and had a long trail along the road.

It is reported that the spillage chemical gave a “dye-like” odour. It is suspected whether the occurrence of the spillage was due to the illegal transport of any waste material/effluent and whether proper permissions for its transport had been obtained by the industry from the Pollution Control Board.




Also the toxicity characteristics of the spilled material is in question and its effect on people of the area and the environment is unknown and thereby concerning. The SACEM members have made a complaint to the concerned authorities to inspect the region and investigate about the spillage event and take necessary action against it.

Spillage of unknown chemical on National highway
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