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Tantech Spews Odourous Emissions Again

Cuddalore, 1 July 2008: Residents of Eachangadu have once again complained about noxious odourous emissions from Tantech Agro Chemicals that chokes their village regularly. According the SACEM monitors the latest incident of such emissions have occurred at 10 am on 30 June 2008. The monitors noticed a thick plume of smoke accompanied with strong chemical odour. The monitors pointed out that even though this is in violation of the Consent Condition Number 4 that specifically instructs the unit to “take continuous steps to mitigate the odorous emission so as to avoid any public complaints” the TNPCB has failed to take concrete action and protect human lives in the area.


Another complaint in this matter has been filed with the District Collector and TNPCB.


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Tantech Spews Odourous Emissions Again
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