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SPIC Sells its Toxic Mycelium Waste to Farmers as Fertilizers

Cuddalore, 23 June 2008 – Pharmaceutical Corporation SPIC’s latest solution to their unmanageable mycelium waste problem is to sell this toxic waste to the farmers in the nearby fields as fertilizers. In the last few days SPIC has sold tonnes of their waste as what the farmers call as “nominal price” to at least ten farmers in the nearby villages of Karaikadu, Semmankuppam, Vaizhishodhanaipalayam and Vasanthapalayam. SACEM members have also found out that most of these farmers who have been convinced to buy this “fertilizer” by the unit have paddy or sugarcane crops in their fields.

In an separate incident SPIC is also digging its hazardous waste from its illegal landfill on the banks of Uppanar and burying it within the unit in deep pits. This incident has led to an increase in the odour around the unit and has caused severe health problems in the village of Eachangadu.

SACEM members have sent a complaint about both the illegal activities of SPIC to the TNPCB and the District Collector and are awaiting action. Though through a telephonic conversation with the District Environment Engineer (DEE) of TNPCB confirmed that both these activities are illegal since SPIC has not sought permission of the TNPCB in carrying them out. SACEM awaits further action on the unit.

SPIC Sells its Toxic Mycelium Waste to Farmers as Fertilizers
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