Nity reports from Chengalpattu, 11 February, 7:00 am: We covered a distance of about 70 km yesterday from Tindivanam to Chengalpettu. The first half of the journey was very pleasant as the weather was nice. We took a lot of breaks on the way. Read more…


Cycle tour leaves for Chengalpettu

Nity reports from Tindivanam, 10 Feb, 7:15 am: We have started our 65 k.m. long journey to Chengalpettu. Read more…


Cycle tour starts off on a sombre note

Nity reports from Tindivanam, 9 Feb, 8:05 pm: We reached Tindivanam at about 5:00 pm. After unloading the extra cycles from the truck we left for the pond where the accident had happened. Read more…


Environmental Cycle Tour Suspended After Young Cyclist Dies in Accident

Chennai. 4 December, 2006 — Organisers of the Cuddalore to Chennai environmental awareness cycle tour have suspended the tour after one of the cyclists died in an untoward incident near Tindivanam on 30 November, 2006. K. Gurubalan, a student of Loyola College, who was part of the youth team that cycled in solidarity with the pollution impacted community in Cuddalore, accidentally drowned in a village pond during a rest stop about 18 km from Tindivanam. Read more…


Day 2 First milestone, Pondycherry

The day stated as usual, two cycles broke down and had to be loaded onto the car and sent to Semankuppam for repairs. The trip to Semankuppam was excellent we were in the right time for pamphleteering, it was morning time and people were either at bus stops leaving for work or having their morning tea. Read more…


Cyclist discover the beauty of Puduchatram, the proposed location for the SIMA textile park

Update Day2: 29 November 2006, morning from Puduchatram From Nity: We set off for our next destination to Cuddalore New Town at 7:30 am half hour past the scheduled time. Some of us were up at 4 am to fulfil the morning duties while others not so keen on attnending the call woke up at 6. We are 6 km away from Perangipettai which was one of the worst affected during the killer tsunami two years ago. Read more…

Cycle tour flagged off successfully by local leader Kolathur Mani

Cuddalore Report From Nity: DAY 1, 11:00 pm: We set off on schedule at 11.00 am and the first cycle crisis occurred within
20 meters of the start. We got cycle fixed at Old Town, Cuddalore and
carried on. Earlier the flag off was good with a decent media response. Read more…


Remember Bhopal; Fight for Cuddalore

Cuddalore/ Chennai: 26 November 2006: Cuddalore is another Bhopal in the making. Youth from Chennai, Cuddalore and Mettur will cycle from Cuddalore to Chennai to raise awareness about the environmental issues confronting residents of SIPCOT, Cuddalore, and highlight the threats of pollution-intensive industrialization facing Cuddalore. The cycle tour will travel through the coastal areas of Cuddalore, Pondicherry and parts of Kanchipuram and Chennai districts, and through the inland areas along GST Road. Kindly extend your support to the cycle tour by organizing solidarity activities en route. Read more…




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Cycling for Green
Cuddalore/ Chennai, 27 November 2006: Leading up to the 22nd Bhopal anniversary, youth from fishing communities and colleges of Chennai, along with environmental activists and residents from pollution-impacted communities in Mettur and Cuddalore, will cycle 280km from Cuddalore to Chennai starting 28 November, 2006. Jessie Bhangoo presents an audio introduction to the roadshow.

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1000 Bhopals Photo Exhibition Launched by Kanimozhi
Read Press Release 28 November 2006…


Renowned Tamil poetess Kanimozhi inaugurates 1000 Bhopals photo exhibition

The inauguration of the 1000 Bhopals exhibition at Lalit Kala Akademy was a great success. We had Ms. K. Kanimozhi, renowned poetess and daughter of Tamilnadu Chief Minister Mr. K. Karunanidhi inaugurate the exhibition. Read update with photos…


Photo gallery from the tour

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