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Illegal construction begins at a toxic waste landfill site
Gummidipoondi, 9 January, 2006 — In total violation of siting guidelines, local Government laws and the concerns of local residents, Tamilnadu Waste Management Ltd, a subsidiary of Hyderabad-based waste company Ramky Associates, has erected an electric fence around its site, and commenced excavation works. Local reports indicate that the company has the full backing of the Tamilnadu Government and the Tamilnadu Pollution Control Board in violating established laws and norms. Read more…


Gummidipoondi, May 21, 2005:
Gummidipoondi MLA Supports the Community Demand to Reject the Landfill Proposal; Promises Action in Favour of People

The newly elected Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) from Gummidipoondi, Mr. K.S. Vijaykumar, promised the community representatives that he will ensure that the hazardous waste landfill proposal gets rejected from SIPCOT Gummidipoondi.
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17 April, 2005:
Residents rally for their land and water, say No to Toxic Waste Landfill

About seven hundred people, including six hundred women and about hundred men, came out on the streets of the Gummidipoondi town to show their opposition to the proposed Hazardous waste landfill in the area. Read more…


20 March, 2005:
Waste Management Company Gets a Taste of Democracy

Tiruvallur district collectorate today witnessed democracy in action, when more than 350 villagers attended a public hearing to voice their opposition to a hazardous waste facility that was proposed to be set up near their village in Gummidipoondi in North Tamilnadu. Read more…

Updates Gummidipoondi
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